Strong Security

Because we are talking about two very important issues here – the security of your data and the security of your employees' personal information, we have taken extra care in providing HuGO with the latest security features.

Userfriendly interface

If you have many employees, it's quite clear to us that your time is limited, so why waste it on trying to figure out how a software is working, when you can just push a few buttons and have all the information arranged and ready to serve you?

Easy to Integrate

HuGO is developed on modules and it can be integrated into existing infrastructures, such as NetReports for example, allowing you to print out reports based on the employee’s profile information.


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Your opinion matters to us! After you have installed and used HuGO, as with all things, you can see if it really helped you. We are very interested to know what you think about our software, so please go ahead and tell us a thing or two about your experience with HuGO – what you like and what you don’t like.

We are always striving to improve our products, based on our clients experiences, so telling us how you feel about HuGO CAN make a difference!

OEM Partners

We like people trusting our products to such extent, that they want to market them on their own. Because of this, we are offering partnership deals to companies wanting to re-brand and sell Doculus.

If you are still reading this, it already sounds interesting and you represent such a company, please contact us and we can discuss about the terms and details regarding a collaboration.